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Over the years the access methods for window cleaning have changed dramatically. As building designs become more complex the methods used to access their windows become more advanced.
Blade Access Window Cleaners adopt all modern Health and Safety approved access methods for cleaning windows accross the UK.
All our services are provided direct by our own window cleaners using our very own tested and certified equipment. All operatives are trained to the very highest standards in the industry making Blade Access Window Cleaners the most advanced in the industry.
Blade Access Commercial Window Cleaning Specialists are trained to clean windows using any Health and Safety approved access method. More information on these methods are shown below.


Reach and Wash Window Cleaning



Blade Access commercial window cleaners have a fleet of van mounted ladder less Reach and Wash vehicles which can be deployed to anywhere in the UK. Our central offices in Bradford, West Yorkshire near Leeds co-ordinate dispatch hubs around the UK controlling our Reach and Wash water fed pole teams.

Our professional commercial window cleaners are trained to use these ladders free Reach and Wash poles by the British window cleaning academy and are able to reach heights of 70ft for cleaning windows and facades using this method.

This method of commercial window cleaning has revolutionised the cleaning industry as the benefits outweigh other cleaning methods, by far. By using 100% pure laboratory graded de-ionised water, which is then pumped through telescopic poles, we are able to access and clean windows and frames to heights of 70 feet.

Reach and Wash commercial window cleaning is renowned for being one of the safest and cost effective method for cleaning high level windows.

Reach and Wash Commercial Window Cleaning has many benefits including:

- The window cleaner remains on the ground at all times.
- Window frames are cleaned at the same time as the windows.
- Eliminates the use of ladders
- No chemicals used - Environmentally friendly
- Saves Time and Money

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Access Platform Window Cleaning



This is where we really come in to our own!

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP's) now form an integral part of our daily operations and are becoming increasingly more important to working at height safety.

As part of our continuing commitment to health and safety in the workplace, we have created the most advanced and diverse access platform fleet in the country.

Our continued investment programme combined with our strategic buying plan has produced a most impressive available product range to be used on our window cleaning contracts old and new.
With us owning the access equipment ourselves, this gives many benefits to our customers.
- Platforms turning up on time every time
- Guaranteed maintenance safety standards
- Access Platforms leaving site once the work is completed
- Platform specific operator training and familiarisation.
- Reduced risk of damage to your building by inexperienced operators
- Guaranteed access platform safety certification

As you will see from our access web site www.bladeaccess.co.uk this is where we really excel. We have a huge range of Powered Access Platforms (Cherry Pickers) which are located throughout the UK and available for deployment at short notice. Cleaning windows of many different buildings throughout the UK it is essential that we have the range of aerial platforms to fulfil our duties. We are the only commercial window cleaning company in the UK to own and operate our own extensive fleet of cherry pickers from heights of 6m all the way up to 103m - the largest Truck Mounted Platform in the world. We also operate access platforms with horizontal outreach up to 40m which is also the furthest reaching access platform in the world. Our huge investment in to these powered access platforms ensures we are genuinely unrivalled and clearly the UK's number one for all types of commercial window cleaning.

Cherry Picker window cleaning provides the window cleaner comfortable access to the building’s facade without compromising safety. When working at height using a cherry Picker all our window cleaner operators always use a full body harness complete with full restraint lanyard to eliminate any possibility of falling from the platform.

All operatives of are trained to the highest standards within the industry as a result of our rigorous training programme. IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training is given (categories 1a, 1b, 3a, 3b, VMP 26 and 100) to all window cleaners for the competent use of cherry pickers. In addition, our operatives also hold the CSCS Working at Height Safety Card.
There are many types of Hydraulic Access Platforms we use to complete our daily commercial window cleaning and all are suitable for different applications.

Probably the most commonly use is the Truck Mounted Platform. These types of powered access platforms are suited to external window cleaning where great height or outreach is needed and the client requires minimum disruption on site. The operator simply arrives on site, uses the truck mount cherry picker to clean the windows and then drives away.

Where site access is restricted Track Mounted (Spider Lift) Platforms are becoming an increasingly preferred choice. These Tracked Platforms benefit from very narrow access capabilities and unfold when in position. They are great for tracking through buildings to reach courtyards for example.
The other types of aerial platforms we operate are MEWPS, Boom lifts, Man Lifts, Cherry Pickers, Self Propelled Booms, Scissor Lifts and Spider Lifts depending on the application.

No matter what your site demands we can always accommodate. Our Powered Access Platforms are available for work 24 hours a day. Not only in Leeds near our central offices but also throughout the rest of the UK thanks to our national dispatch hubs. With no outsourced hire costs, we are the UK's number one both on price and quality for all your commercial window cleaning service requirements.

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Rope Access Window Cleaning



Our rope access abseil window cleaning teams originally formed in Leeds, Yorkshire back in 1989. Since then, our rope access window cleaners worked from Leeds and expanded throughout the UK. In the early day's most of their time was spent in Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax, Huddersfield, Manchester, Liverpool and Hull. As demand expanded for our dedicated rope access abseil maintenance teams, it was necessary for us to travel further afield. We now have rope access maintenance teams from London up to Glasgow.

Rope access window cleaners are favored where windows are deemed inaccessible due to site ground conditions. Our abseil window cleaners can attach to dedicated health and safety tested anchor points or alternatively the building structure itself. Our free site surveys will allow us to compile a detailed method statement and risk assessment which will allow us to provide the most suitable method of rope access. Where abseiling is to be used and no obvious anchor point is available, our portable weight trolley systems allow our rope access window cleaners to rig temporary anchor points. These tested weight trolleys are a practical safe solution when no fixed anchor points are available for use.

Our rope access technicians are trained to the very highest IRATA (Industrial Rope Access trade Association) standards. When new members join one of our rope access abseil teams, if they have no previous training then they will work towards achieving IRATA Level 1, they will then progress to IRATA Level 2 and Finally, once becoming a fully competent, the abseil technician will be qualified to IRATA level 3. All our rope access window cleaning teams have at least one IRATA level three rope access window cleaner to manage all abseiling IRATA level one and IRATA level two abseilers.
Our abseiling window cleaners often work alongside our cherry picker platforms where a mixture of access methods are required.

The rope access teams are also available for other high level maintenance tasks which may be required on site. From changing a light bulb to painting a wall, our roped abseilers can do it all.

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All window cleaning operatives are trained, experienced and competent with various forms of cradle systems. As nearly all building cradle systems vary in design and operation, we work closely with manufacturers both at design stage and after installation.


All our window cleaners who are required to use cradle system are both familiarised and inducted by the appointed cradle maintenance company who offer specific instructive advice for the cradle to be used. A certificate is then issued demonstrating our window cleaners’ competence in using the suspended platform BMU.

Whilst using building cradles for window cleaning, all our window cleaners wear fully tested body harnesses complete with restraint lanyard to prevent falls from height.

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Eye Bolt Window Cleaning



When window cleaning working at height the use of Fixed Eye Bolts can be required. They are dedicated fixing points that allow a window cleaners body harness to be attached to prevent falling from height. These single fixed anchor points must be weight tested by a competent person every 12 months to comply with current legislation.

Eye bolts can often be found next to window frames where a window cleaner may be required to lean out of an open window to clean the external face of the glass.

Window Cleaners must use a tested fall arrest lanyard when using these fixed building anchor points as a preventative measure from falling at height.

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Man Safe Wire Window Cleaning



When window cleaning around higher levels on buildings where edge protection is not present the use of a Man Safe Wire is necessary.


This is where the window cleaner attaches his full body harness to a permanently fixed wire on the building via a fall arrest lanyard. These safety wires allow a window cleaner to traverse along edge walkways in safety.

Man Safe wires offer a cost effective working at height solution when cleaning external windows.


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Ladder Window Cleaning



Although many alternative methods of access are now used to clean windows, ladders are still used where it is not possible to utilise access alternatives. If ladders are required to gain access to windows a specific Method Statement and Risk Assessment must be done to determine the suitability for site.

Window Cleaners using ladders must be competent to do so. All our ladder window cleaners attend a national training scheme for users, supervisors and managers who must equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to use ladders legally and safely.
Written with guidance from the UK's leading experts on ladder manufacture, maintenance and safety, the Ladder Association scheme addresses all the issues raised by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and, more recently, the Work at Height Regulations 2005.
Under the regulations every person in the chain leading up to, and including, the final user, has a duty of care to both themselves and others to know and understand the practical implications of working safely at height.

Demonstration of competence is a key requirement of the new regulations and successful completion of the Ladder Association training course provides proof of such competence. Delivered only by Ladder Association approved training centres, the course objectives aim to enable delegates to:

- Select appropriate work at height equipment for a task
- Assess and determine when it is appropriate to use ladders and stepladders
- Correctly locate and safely use ladders and stepladders
- Inspect ladders and stepladders for damage

And ensure delegates have an understanding of:
- Legislation and regulations affecting work at height
- Product standards and classifications for ladders and stepladders
- Hazards affecting the use of ladders and stepladders


Upon successful completion every delegate receives a certificate and Ladder Association photo card as objective proof of competence. All centres are audited annually to ensure their continuing compliance with the high standards of the scheme.

As a professional window cleaning service supplier, all our ladders are also inspected on a regular basis.

All of our window cleaning services are available throughout the UK and in particular London Birmingham Leeds Glasgow Sheffield Bradford Edinburgh Liverpool Manchester Bristol Wakefield Cardiff Coventry Nottingham Leicester Sunderland Belfast Newcastle upon Tyne Brighton Hull Plymouth Stoke-on-Trent Wolverhampton Derby Swansea Southampton Salford Aberdeen Westminster Portsmouth York Peterborough Dundee Lancaster Oxford Newport Preston St Albans Norwich Chester Cambridge Salisbury Exeter Gloucester Lisburn Chichester Winchester Londonderry Carlisle Worcester Bath Durham Lincoln Hereford Armagh Inverness Stirling Canterbury Lichfield Newry Ripon Bangor Truro Ely Wells St Davids Inverness Aberdeen Ipswich Portsmouth Edinburgh Chester Stockport Ellesmere Port Birkenhead Wallasey Runcorn Macclesfield Crewe Derby Chesterfield Darlington Gateshead Lancaster Bolton Warrington Bath York and Newport


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